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Machine Learning

Unlock the hidden potential in your data.

Transform your business with the use of Machine Learning.

Where there is data, there is opportunity - lots of opportunity to create value for your business.  Many companies today use data to answer basic questions related to what happened in the past and why something happened.  While this is helpful, it is also very static and often lags when you need to make your business decision - it’s like looking in the rearview mirror.  The opportunity to make the best decision may have already passed you by.


Imagine, transforming your business in such a way that instead of answering what happened, you could predict what will happen and even better yet, answer the question of what should you do?

         Our Offerings

  • Data Science services

  • Data discovery & refinement

  • Machine learning modelling

  • Predictive analytics & forecasting

  • Data driven process design & implementation

  • Cost effective maintenance & support

          Your Outcomes

  • Improved customer and patient insights & outcomes

  • Lower cost of operations

  • Optimized investment decisions

  • Increased accuracy and predictability of Financial forecasting

  • Early detection of compliance risks

  • Optimal business decisions & outcomes

Machine Learning offers a scientific and proven approach for predicting future outcomes ultimately allowing you to make more timely and beneficial business decisions today.

Chances are, whether you are a leader in Finance, HR/Benefits, Hospital & Healthcare, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain & Logistics, IT or responsible for forecasting, planning, pricing, investing, you are likely managing large amounts of rich and insightful data.  With the benefit of Advanced Analytics, you can unleash the often hidden value of that data and move your organization up the value chain.  In fact, many organizations are transforming what used to be considered “cost centers” or “overhead” centers, like Finance and IT, into growth generating sources for their company.

Unlike many firms offering data science services, we are not in it simply for the science.  Winigent's approach is different.  We combine industry expertise and top notch data scientists together with business subject matter experts and then "get out of the way".  Together, the team iterates rapidly as an agile Team to produce high impact models.   This is the science part.  However, science is not enough.


We believe the benefits of your model should pay for the cost of your model  many times over. To realize the benefits however,  you need a good strategy for operationalizing.  We apply our enterprise solution experience to help you optimize the deployment and ultimately the business impact of your model.  And, once your model is in use, we help you maintain the benefits by offering ongoing monitoring and model tuning services.  We do all of this while keeping the costs down by applying the right experience onshore and offshore  at the right time, during the life of the project and support.

How We Do IT

Put machine learning to work for you.

Winigent understands and is committed to providing you with a comprehensive and proven approach for designing and delivering on your Machine Learning opportunities.  We are business impact and outcome focused and have designed an approach around achieving meaningful and impactful results.  We take you through each step of the process and apply the right expertise at the right time.  This is how we do it...

Data mining and model discovery.

At its core, Machine Learning relies on a set of statistical methods used for  identifying patterns in predictability. This can be an extremely powerful asset in helping you improve your real-time business decisions while taking a large degree of subjectivity and natural biases out of your decision making process.  However, Machine Learning is not "magic".  The knowledge of a Machine Learning model is constrained by the data in which the model was built and trained.  Similarly these models do not bring to the table what humans do like human instinct, industry/domain knowledge, theories and human reasoning.  Ensuring you are focused on the right problem and have the data necessary to create a high impact model is the first step.   We will help you clarify and target the scenarios that deliver the most value for your business and help you assess the viability of your scenario. We believe the model should more than pay for itself.  If during the Mining phase, you find the potential value of the model does not meet the bar, then it's time to refine or find a new scenario.

Model deployment and monetization.

Moving up the value chain with your data and Machine Learning model requires that you go from looking in the rearview mirror at static reports and dashboards, to using Machine Learning models that offer predictive, real-time decision support and potentially even decision automation.  To do this, you need an operations strategy for your model that ensures it is used by the right people, within the right process, at the right time.   We understand this need and have the enterprise solution expertise to help you define and implement the optimal strategy - whether that means embedding your model in an existing line of business application, or building a standalone solution, we have the skills and experience necessary to help you maximize your benefits.

Maintaining benefits over time.

Once your model is operationalized, its import that the benefits of the model are maintained over time.  With additional learning, your Machine Learning model in "theory" should improve with time.  This however is not always a given.  In fact organizations are always changing and as a result, their data is also likely changing.  This can have a significant impact (good or bad) in the reliability and performance of your Machine Learning model over time.  People move on, data scientists move on and as a result, you could be left with a model that no longer performs and instead of being an asset to your business, is now a source of misinformation.  We recognize this challenge and are committed to helping you with your maintenance needs.  We offer cost effective solutions and services for monitoring and maintaining your Machine Learning models tailored to meet your specific needs.

How We Do It
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