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Data & Technology Enablement

Modern engineering that delivers high impact capability and cost advantages.

         Our Offerings

  • Cloud architecture and migration

  • Data management & integration

  • Big Data architecture, planning & execution

  • Datacenter and infrastructure services

  • Enterprise mobility

  • Software engineering

  • Office 365 & Sharepoint custom development

          Your Outcomes

  • Flexible, secured and scalable infrastructure

  • Cost effective solutions designed for the Cloud

  • Transformation to data driven business

  • Software solutions tailored to meet your needs

Making scalable and secure changes.

When it comes to the Cloud and how it influences your company, it can often feel like there are more questions than there are answers. Winigent’s consultants are former CIOs and IT directors and they understand the complexities of the Cloud and how to develop a solution for you that’s based on security, reliability, compliance, and integration.

Delivering seamless solutions. 

Our consultants are quick to understand the factors that impact your company and are experts at developing cloud strategies and technology road-maps that truly integrate business and technology—and the right suppliers. 

Demystifying the cloud. 

Many experts feel that Cloud, Big Data and mobility are the evolution of IT. The biggest benefits for a company are reduced costs, dramatically reduced time to market, more impactful user experiences and increased operational efficiencies. While lifting and shifting your applications to the cloud is a good first step, the cloud and cloud services offer much greater potential for those companies willing to create and invest in the right strategies over the long run.

Winigent consultants are your resource for Cloud strategy, migration and adoption whether you are just now embarking on or maturing your journey to the Cloud.

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