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Industry Solutions

Bringing experience and innovation together to create value for your business.

        Our Offerings

  • Business process and system design

  • Healthcare, Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR/Benefits, Tax, Treasury Trade, Compensation solutions

  • SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics, Workday system integration

  • Fit/gap and solution selection

  • Project planning & execution

  • Program governance

  • Agile coaching

  • Product ownership & agile PMs

        Your Outcomes

  • Solutions that deliver the intended business outcomes

  • Efficient processes that take advantage of leading practice solutions

  • High project value to budget

  • Engaged and committed stakeholders and project teams

  • Project governance that addresses issues and course corrects quickly

Our goal is your effectiveness.

Companies today face significant challenges in reducing costs and unlocking value from their technology investments. Large, complex technology portfolios require active management and frequent tuning to get the best results. Business mandated changes are hampered by inflexible systems built for overlapping functions and on duplicated data.

Information technology should support a defined vision and drive real business results. We take the macro view that IT is more than the largest number on your operating budget – it is a key contributor to business value. We work with our clients to align their IT organizations and investments to their most important business needs – whether that is driving growth, exceeding customer needs or operational efficiency. Winigent moves organizations beyond the theoretical by translating strategy into well informed decisions and building a framework to optimize resources and investments. And once you establish your direction, we’ll help you with the roadmap on how to get there.

We are focused on your results.

A focused approach with team members experienced in integrated portfolio management is essential to ensure a high return on your technology investments. Winigent has strong end-to-end experience in optimizing and implementing complex business and IT strategies to maximize your ROI.

Our consultants can help your organization bring focus and experience to:

  • Business process and system design

  • Project scoping

  • Execution planning

  • Solution roadmaps

  • Project management across multiple disciplines and divisions

  • Results tracking and reporting

  • End-to-end solution delivery management

Your trusted technology advisor.

Winigent technology consultants drive solutions and strategy, improving your productivity while focusing on strategic activities that enable your organization to optimize its own resources.  We harness digital advancements and will help you in identifying the most optimal solutions for your company.

Tailored consulting to fit your specific needs.

To help improve your productivity, we offer consulting models that will best serve the needs of your project. Our expertise spans professional services, core infrastructure services, ERP Solutions, big data, business intelligence, and cloud services.

Identify, optimize and mitigate.

Our business consultants offer a range of planning and management consultation services – all designed to help IT and enterprise leadership capitalize on technology trends and achieve greater alignment with business and IT strategies and goals.

At a high level, Winigent’s consultants work with your IT and organizational leadership to:

  • Assess technology and system gaps and opportunities

  • Define the infrastructure and/or application solutions needed to further your success

  • Develop executive and operational buy-in for a multi-year IT strategic roadmap

  • Address the governance roles and responsibilities required to drive the strategy

  • Identify risks and establish proactive mitigation strategies

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